SF Bay Hornblower Cruise Ship

You + Me + San Francisco = Home

Last night, to celebrate our one-year anniversary, Kyle and I took a Hornblower dinner cruise around the San Francisco Bay. It was gorgeous.

Scallop ceviche appetizer

It was also delicious.  Four courses of yum, complete with ceviche, some kind of salad in the form of a tart, melt-in-your-mouth pork chops with just-as-mouth-melty polenta, filet mignon and juicy prawns, a blueberry tart, and molten chocolate cake covered in berries.  We also sprung for the champagne, because damnit, we just survived a whole entire YEAR! (And I don’t remember when I last had champagne.)

We’ve gotten into the habit of sharing everything at dinner.  Order two entrees, split them in half, and trade portions across the table for more flavors.  This ritual usually involves dropping a blob of mashed potatoes onto the table — somewhere in between the bread basket and other person’s dinner plate — but it’s worth the trek.  Cuz then you end up with melty pork chop, melty filet, AND juicy shrimp dribbling down your chin.

View of San Francisco before sunset

The people around us were pretty varied. Couples celebrating their thirtieth wedding anniversaries, large groups of extended families and business associates, couples in their twenties and thirties, and little kids running around. I also have a bit of a thing for curvy femmes in tiny dresses and four-inch heels, and there was some kind of army of them there last night. Much appreciated.

Alcatraz and Sailboats

The meal lasted almost three hours, with time in between each course to wander out to the upper deck and look at the view. It was chilly (which is typical for summer in SF, unfortunately), but all the better for dressing warm and cuddling.

The sun dropped down into the water while we passed by Alcatraz, Angel Island, the north bay, and under the Bay Bridge (my favorite part) — leaning against the rail of a boat into the wind while the bridge looms overhead.

We live here.

The back of Alcatraz at night

We forget, but we can do this whenever we want. There are commuter ferries from Alameda. We could do this to get to work in the morning. We travel to get away, but right here (right here) is San Franfuckingcisco. With boats and champagne and old prisons on islands surrounded by sailboats.

And it was the perfect place to celebrate a year of learning, connecting, growing, exploring, and adventuring. Right at home, where things pretty much can’t get any better than they are every single day.

By the way, we got the cruise tickets super discounted through Savvy Cities. GoldStar also frequently runs deals on Hornblower Cruises as well.

Enjoy, and let us know how it goes if you take the boat for a spin!

Stupidly happy couple