Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

Hi there!  I’m Sarah, and this is my partner, Kyle. This weekend, we’re celebrating our one-year anniversary together.

But that’s not why we’re starting this blog.

We’re starting this blog because we just finally figured out that our skills and interests actually fit together perfectly. Like an iPad and a hot bath. Or Goldfish and ice cream. (No really, it’s a great topping. Try it.)

Kyle is a travel nerd. He signs up for new credit cards for the travel points, takes cheap 24-hour trips around the country to accumulate miles, and became a travel agent so he could get access to obscure flight configurations. He’s also a pilot himself, and co-owns a small four-seater plane for flying around California.

I, on the other hand, am a sex nerd. My social life is mostly made up of queer, gender-bending, bisexual, polyamorous people. Last weekend I was invited to three different sex parties, one of which promised floggers and restraints. I’ve created an online community about gender non-conformity, I spent four years co-hosting an LGBT Open Mic event in San Francisco, and I ran a social media workshop series for the sex positive community.

Travel nerds and sex nerds have a few things in common. They both like to explore. They both go to creative lengths for that elated, flying feeling of an endorphin rush. And they both have to care a lot about little details and the world around them.

But beyond that? They’re pretty different, much like our personalities as individuals. Kyle is measured and methodical. He likes to research the hell out of everything and optimize for the best possible situation. I am impulsive and emotional. I like to write candidly about my life and build creative web projects.

It took a year for us to realize that all of these pieces add up a blog: a travel nerd and a sex nerd documenting their adventures together. (I know, I know… why didn’t we realize this sooner?)

We’re not quite sure what will unfold, but we hope you’ll stick around with us to find out.