Colorado: Little Towns and Giant Mountains

Lake City, Colorado is famous for Alferd Packer and his unfortunate incident of eating people (which I only know about from Cannibal! The Musical*). Aside from that, nobody’s heard of the place. Not even other people in Colorado. But Kyle’s grandmother grew up there, and he’s gone back to visit her childhood home (now a carefully preserved historical house) nearly every summer since he was born. This time, I got to come along.

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So I wanna be a sex blogger.

I have this idea in my head that I can be a sex blogger. The kind who writes about glamorous adventures and awkward moments, who demystifies chemistry, and who makes fulfilling experiences more accessible. I have this belief that I can lay my own life out on the table, observe what’s happening in the world around me, offer a nice thoughtful layer of analysis and perspective, and make everything a bit hotter as we go.… » more »