How to Get Laid with Craigslist

I’ve been thinking about Craigslist lately, and how oddly generous it is. Craigslist is a particularly magical resource in the SF Bay Area because it started here. It built its momentum here. For me, it’s been most useful when I’m moving (finding an apt, finding furniture, helping me give stuff away, …), and when I’m looking for sex.

Before dating Kyle, I went through a six-year period where I was mostly independent, but felt the … » more »

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I flew (in his four-seater propeller airplane) to Southern California for a combination sex conference & Disneyland trip.  Because those two things totally go together.

The conference was Catalyst Con, and it was mainly for educators and activists who focus on sex and sexuality issues.  We spent Saturday at the conference, and hit Disneyland on Friday Night and Sunday morning. (Sidebar: The new Cars Land is … » more »